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Cultural Immersion

Explore German language, music, art, literature, lively festivals, enthralling theater, and joyous celebrations. Immerse yourself in Germany’s enthralling history, time-honored traditions, and iconic landmarks that define this vibrant country’s identity.

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Natures Delights

Marvel at Germany’s awe-inspiring natural landscapes, from the soaring, snow-capped Alpine peaks to the enchanting misty Black Forest, to the crystal clear lakes nestled amidst breathtaking scenery and rolling hills. Discover the country’s captivating natural majesty.

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Travel Guides

Let us be your guide to an unforgettable journey across Germany’s picturesque landscapes and charming cities full of hidden gems waiting to be uncovered. Get insider tips, itineraries, and expert advice to plan your perfect German getaway.

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The Absolute Germany Story

Having visited and lived in Germany for more than three decades we have years of experience with all things German.

Our Absolute Germany “love” project was created to be your ultimate destination to explore the rich culture, heritage, and innovations of Germany.

Our website offers a comprehensive guide to German history, language, food, fashion, people, art, architecture, literature, music, sports, cities, attractions, famous figures, brands, & more.

We warmly welcome you to come on this marvellous German journey with us!

Why Absolute Germany?

Because we’ve “been there & done that”! So you can be sure to unlock the true essence of German culture & lifestyle with Absolute Germany on your side providing you with awesome, up-to-date information in your ultimate guide to all things German.

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Comprehensive German Coverage

We provide in-depth information and insights on every aspect of German culture, history, cuisine, and more.

Get a complete understanding of what makes Germany truly unique, and find out how to best enjoy your time here in this wonderful country.

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Authentic Community

Connect with our passionate German community and discover firsthand stories, tips & recommendations. Immerse yourself in authentic experiences and forge new connections.

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Join us here at Absolute Germany and embark on a guided exploration of Germany’s best attractions, traditions, and wonders. We’re here for you and so is our community!

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